The non-profit organization
behind Ol Jack, Nu Jack and Boogie Loft

Primary Objective

The principal purpose of Plateforme 32623 is to enrich and elevate the art of dance within nightlife and DJ/producer culture. This is achieved by creating robust platforms that not only showcase the diverse talents of dancers but also empower them to harness their creative potential to the fullest.

Production and Filming of Live Performances

A significant aspect of our mission involves the production of high-quality live dance and live music performances. These events are professionally filmed, thereby capturing the vibrancy and dynamism of the art form, and providing dancers with valuable content for their portfolios.

Career Advancement and Revenue Generation for Dancers

Recognizing the challenges faced by artists in monetizing their craft, the Corporation dedicates resources towards opening up revenue opportunities for dancers. This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating connections with industry stakeholders, organizing workshops, and providing platforms for dancers to engage with broader audiences both online and offline.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

A key element of our mission is to foster a sense of community among dance professionals and enthusiasts. Through collaborative projects, networking events, and community outreach, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem where the art of dance is continuously nurtured and celebrated.

Sustainability and Technology Innovation

In all endeavors, the Corporation commits to sustainable practices and innovative approaches. We constantly seek new ways to integrate technology to enhance dance performances and event production, ensuring that our initiatives are both environmentally responsible and at the forefront of artistic innovation.


Petr Barykine
Richard St-Aubin
Michael Rizk
Aditi Hossain
Lai Wei-Hwa

Building authentically cool platforms that bring together dancers, music producers, music labels, brands, & sponsors